The Footprint Firm is an advisory and investment company with a sole focus on sustainability. We work together with our clients for climate-positive innovations and sustainable solutions and make connections between companies, science, academia, government institutions, start-ups and capital.

We live and breathe sustainability and invest our profits in sustainable start-ups, working closely with our investments to help them realise their impact potential.

A sustainable future is a place we can only reach if we make new connections between the established and the upcoming.

– we invest our profits into sustainable start-ups

The Footprint Firm is our version of a new sustainable business model challenging the traditional principles and structures of advisory and investment companies. Our company is founded in the belief that sustainable solutions must be found both in the established world and the new companies of tomorrow – and that knowledge must be built in this intersection.

We have no bonuses or dividends paid out – neither at partner level. Instead we invest our profits into new sustainable solutions offered by ambitious start-ups that the entire organisation earns ownership stakes in. In this way we seek to create as much impact as possible through our work.


We make the sustainablity efforts of our clients measurable, actionable and impactful.

We are seasoned management consultants with extensive experience from serving the largest Nordic companies, central Scandinavian government institutions and ambitious investors on their most pressing topics within strategy, organisation and sustainability. Most of us also have hands-on experience as managers and executives.

We know and respect the distance between the theoretical answer and what is achievable in reality. We work closely with our clients and take pride in transferring our sustainability knowledge to the greatest extent possible to the organisations we work with.



We invest in ambitious start-ups and help them realize their impact potential.

We are active, hands-on pre-seed and seed investors partnering with brave, ambitious start-ups founded on scalable business models aimed at accelerating the green transition.

We ourselves are entrepreneurs with personal experience from building, scaling and selling companies.

We are dedicated to helping channel capital towards purpose-driven start-ups built on business models with long-term, sustainable potential.


About us

We work for climate-positive innovations and sustainable solutions.

We live and breathe sustainability and see entrepreneurs as the drivers behind new ideas that respond to global problems and established companies, investors and government institutions as the solid foundation to reinforce sustainable innovation. So we work towards bringing together the new-school and the old-school, the traditionalists and the futurists, the policy makers and the rebel creators.

We help experienced businesses become more sustainable, and we support untried sustainable ideas become businesses.

About us