The Footprint Firm is about going beyond individualism. We insist that contributing to solving the climate crisis and doing good can go hand in hand with sound business, while building a company based on ultimate trust, high integrity and generosity.


We focus on the ‘we’ rather than the ‘I’ in everything we do – both professionally and socially. We believe in the notion of ‘being an owner’ – where we all make decisions, take responsibility and carry through. Our culture is based on team-work, democracy and transparency and a common dedication to taking equally part in actively building our company and maintaining our values.

We are inherently curious about the sustainability agenda and seek every opportunity to become wiser and share our knowledge with our colleagues. We are ambitious on our own, our company’s, our clients’ and investments’ sustainability performance and use this as a guiding star in our daily choices and decisions.

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Founding letter

Going beyond individualism. The planet and its ecosystems face multiple imminent, interlinked sustainability challenges posing serious threats to the very survival of life as we know it.

Nothing is isolated — local affects global and vice versa.

It’s clear from the evidence: every individual, organization and country must act to address the climate crisis and prevent otherwise disastrous consequences.

This is our first step towards a much needed convergence to take on the greatest challenge facing humanity and planet Earth.

We’re in this together.

Our founding letter

B Corp

We are a purpose-driven company. We have set out to be a sustainable business driving sustainable change – and to make this have a measurable impact. We don’t rely on good intentions. We set high standards – and live up to them, why we are proud to have our ambition and actions acknowledged through a B Corp certification.

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