The planet and its ecosystems face multiple imminent, interlinked sustainability challenges posing serious threats to the very survival of life as we know it.

Nothing is isolated — local affects global and vice versa.

It’s clear from the evidence: every individual, organization and country must act to address the climate crisis and prevent otherwise disastrous consequences.

As we face this crisis, build new systems and affect old behaviors, we cannot start from scratch. There are ways to mobilize existing systems to new ends.

We should constructively look to reworking relationships between business, government and society.

So we call for experienced players to break out of broken systems and create nurturing spaces for exploring innovative ideas. Because the future is a place we can only reach if we make new connections between the established and the upcoming.

Getting to that future means cultivating more collaboration, going beyond individualism and sustaining new practices that enable complex problem solving. Working towards that goal today, we can use this synergy towards a new, constructive end: building bridges and facilitating new ways of connecting.

We are in desperate need of this convergence of coalitions, contributions and clever continuity. And we cannot do it all alone.

Creating spaces that drive sustainable policies and solutions towards the market — whether they come from government, long-standing corporations or entrepreneurial ventures — is the way ahead. These spaces will move us away from fear of the complex and prevent us from unhealthy doubt.

This is the first step towards a much needed convergence to take on the greatest challenge facing humanity and planet Earth.

We’re in this together.